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Implant Crowns & Restorations

7 Peaks Dental offers implant, crowns and restoration services to people living in Central Oregon. The team is well educated in the process and welcomes you to read about the different practices applied for each unique patient. 

Dental implants are a solution for replacing single or multiple missing teeth. They serve as a replacement for both root and tooth and restore strength, stability, resilience, and support to the mouth and jawbone.They are the closest to having the feel and look of natural teeth, as well as restore your whole smile. A dental implant provides a strong, stable and supportive new tooth and root that is as good as a natural tooth. An implant crown and post can be placed at any missing tooth area, upper or lower mandible, with proper bone and tissue levels. The bone grows or bonds around the implant to help firmly secure it in place. After healing, an impression is taken for the crown. It is either screwed into place inside the implant or cemented on a specially made abutment (post). The abutment is screwed into the implant and then the crown is cemented on top. The process of placing a dental implant can take up to 1 year. In this time period, you will spend healing your new root in the bone before the crown is placed. Once the post is osseointegrated, the area is ready for the implant crown. Dr. Baraff and the lab team uses the highest quality implant crown and porcelain materials for the strongest, and most predictable results. The placement of an implant is a lifetime fix for that missing tooth.

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